Aluminium and Laminated Tubes

Aluminum and laminated tubes can be used for a large number of packaging solutions for lotions and creams. The important criteria are that aluminum as a metal is neutral in nature and does not react with the lotions packed within.

It has excellent protective properties and being versatile inherently, it can be shaped and formed to almost any kind of tube shape that is desired. It also possesses the potential to resist the absorption of oxygen from its surface, thereby avoiding any kind of contamination possible to the packed contents over long periods of time.

The multiple uses of aluminum and laminated tubes

Aluminum Tubes: These can come in a variety of different kinds of tubes that can produce a pearlescent effect with an open or a sealed or closed-hole depending on the contents packed inside. They can come with specially designed seals and nozzles and with enameled shoulders and a glossy surface finish that reflects light away from it. Besides, these tubes can also come in capsule-shaped forms.

Laminated Tubes: These tubes are more useful for the protection of sensitive products that can include food items, ophthalmic solutions, dental and metric threads, including velvet. They can be fitted with special nozzles and also be presented in capsule forms.

One of the most distinctive characteristics of these tubes is that apart from the protective or barrier qualities of aluminum, they give a soft plastic-like feel. Lamination offers immense possibilities for state of the art printing. This not only makes the tubes eye-catching but, they also contribute to their marketability. It is important to note that these tubes can be decorated with hot printing on glazed lacquers.

Aluminum Lotion Tubes offer high safety and preservation qualities. After all, many of the lotions are used for ophthalmic purposes, mouth ulcer gels and several other similar applications that are needed to be induced in the human body.

The other important benefit that these Aluminium and Laminated Tubes offer is that they can come in a variety of tube diameters and length, depending on the amount of lotion that is required to be packed in them. Also, they are produced from multi-layer foils with an aluminum or plastic (EVOH) barrier and are light and hygienic and offer a safe mode of packaging, including the protection against any leakages and wastage.