Importance of Laminated Tubes in Packaging

Importance of Laminated Tubes in Packaging 16-11-2019

Laminated Tubes are used across the globe for packaging in food, cosmetics, personal care, pharma, and industrial applications as they offer a competitive edge in the market. Almost 65-70% of the total production of laminated tubes are contributed by the oral care industry, while equal amount are being used by the cosmetic industry.

Laminated tubes offer excellent barrier properties and are a cost-effective solution to increase products' Shelf-life. The flexible, smooth and soft exteriors deliver excellent sealability. Laminate combines the unique benefit of Aluminum tube properties with the feel and looks of Plastic.

Laminated tubes are very attractive and maintain the attractiveness throughout the life of their content. The tubes are leak-proof, durable, light weight and unbreakable. The tubes have a suck back tendency and can take back the excess unwanted withdrawn quantity. They can also gain back the original shape after squeezing.

Laminated tubes are also used for the packaging of Creams and ointments and other Semi-solid dosages. They act as a good barrier against moisture, light, air and ensures efficacy throughout the Shelf-life.

Laminated tubes are a combination of Polyethylene (White/Clear) – Co-polymer (White/Clear) – Alu – Co-Polymer – Polyethylene total 275 microns also rightly called as 20micron tubes.

Tubes being an absolute customized product any dia ranging from ½” to 2” can be manufactured as per your needs. A variety of neck options to choose from and also caps just to meet your requirements.

Protective Barriers:-

• The resistant barrier to attaining maximum compatibility.
• High glossy outer layer.
• Fragrance protection with reduced absorption

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