Laminated tube - A safe way to store semi liquid ingredients

We use so many different kinds of things in our daily life but in most cases, we hardly know about those elements in detail. If you don’t agree, let’s take the examples of a toothpaste tube or your hair gel tube or any tube that contain semi-solid elements. Do we know about those tubes? Let’s know something about those tubes.

The tube I am talking about is the laminated tube. This is the most preferred and very useful way to store or for packaging thick liquids such as toothpaste, glue, gel, etc. The key advantage of this tube is that it ensures that the element inside maintains its original characteristics in any kind of circumstance. It is basically made of laminate. There are different layers of different elements in this tube and there is an aluminum layer as well with a definite thickness. The structure and design of the tube is not a very big deal. It can be manufactured according to the requirement. This tube looks like plastic and it works as a barrier to outside heat, water, and moisture and ensures that the inside element is safe.

There are basically two layers of this tube one is aluminum foil and the other one is the plastic layer. Aluminum foil is used in aluminum integrity. It is light and works as a barrier to moisture. It also preserves the odor of the inside ingredient. It is mainly available in white and silver color but the color can be customized as well. On the other hand, the plastic layer is used as chemical resistant. These tubes are available in opaque and in the transparent form which makes an impact on the attractiveness of the tube.

 Let’s now talk about some of the major advantages of this laminated tubes.

1) Firstly, laminated tubes are best suitable for lotion or gel. It helps to maintain the characteristics of the inside ingredient. In any weather condition other than extreme, the inside material remains the same.

2) It is non-toxic and hygienic as well hence, your family especially the children have no threat from this tube.

3) These tubes can be made in a much attractive and elegant way. Various designs can be applied to it.

4) These tubes can be printed in various different ways as per the requirement.

5) These tubes are leak-proof, wrinkle-resistant and squeezable.

6) The tube remains soft and flexible at any stage of use.

7) Finally, the cap of these tubes can be designed in different ways and as per requirement.