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Laminated Tubes:Top Manufacturer in India

Adsorbtek Solutions is proud to present to you its DMF grade laminate tubes offering. Laminate combines the look and feel of plastic with the rigidity of aluminum. Our new generation of laminate tubes uses the industry’s most modern technology, that creates a minimal seam and gives maximum area for printing and brand decoration.

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We offer a wide variety of sizes and styles. We can produce for you opaque or transparent laminate tubes. Various diameters, lengths with suitable neck and cap styles can be offered to fulfill your need of a sustainable and presentable tube. To print our tubes we use digital printing with up to 6 colors of graphics.


Laminate tubes is first a flat web stock, manufactured by the leading global suppliers. It is printed to your exact specifications on the finest quality letterpress or rotogravure equipment. The printed web then forms into a tubular shape, is cut to the desired length to become a “sleeve”. Then it is “headed”, joined with a molded shoulder. A tamper evident sealed neck membrane will be added for product protection. The last step will be that the tube is capped, inspected and packed. With the entire package being assembled in line it is a totally integrated system.

We procure our laminate from a DMF grade company specializing in laminate manufacturing to provide to you the best quality of laminate tubes. The shoulder and neck are also molded from high-quality DMF grade resins in compliance to USP 661 and 21 CFR 175.300.

  • Protective, Barrier Properties

    Protective, Barrier Properties
  • >Non-toxic and Hygienic

    Non-toxic and Hygienic
  • It is light in weight and strong.

    It is light in weight and strong.
  • Enhanced shelf appeal

    Enhanced shelf appeal
  • Wide range of caps or closure

    Wide range of caps or closure
Laminated Tube
  • Elegant and attractive

    Elegant and attractive

  • User convenience

    User convenience

  • Printability


  • Consistent quality and performance

    Consistent quality and performance

  • Tubes remain flexible, soft and smooth at any stage of

    Tubes remain flexible, soft and smooth at any stage of use

  • There are many reasons for which aluminum tubes are more preferred than any other metal. It is so because of its property of ductility that it can be easily molded and shaped. We use the best possible technique to make these tubes; it is not only accurate as per the requirements but also of the best possible quality
  • The risk of pollution of the portion remaining in the tube is minimal because the tube does not “suck back”.
  • The aluminum metal tube permits controlled amounts to be released easily, with good re-closure and passable environmental protection to the product.
  • An important feature is that the internal coat or lacquer of aluminum tubes is non-reactive.Hence many compounds or products can be filled inside these tubes without any damage to the product.
  • Unlimited graphics increase shelf impact
  • It is light in weight and strong.
  • Tamper resistant features and options
  • Internal coatings and liners
  • Cap choices and custom design.
  • Crimp sealants
  • Cap resins

Two Basic Layers in Laminated Tubes Structure

Laminated Foil Tube
Plastic tube

Frequently Asked Questions

Laminate tubes are a packaging solution that combines the benefits of aluminum tube properties with the look and feel of plastic. They provide versatility with options for either a plastic or aluminum base, making them a popular choice for various products.

Laminate tubes offer several advantages, including:
Aesthetic minimal seam for maximum space for graphics and brand decoration.
Effective light, air, and moisture barrier.
Wide variety of graphics and an assortment of sizes and styles.
Ability to create small-diameter tubes (as small as 1/2 inch or 12.7mm).
Sustainable packaging options.
Tamper-evident sealed neck membrane for product protection.

Laminate tubes begin as flat web stock supplied by leading global suppliers. The tube is then printed to your exact specifications using high-quality letterpress or rotogravure equipment. The printed web is shaped into a tubular form, cut to the desired length, and joined with a molded shoulder. The process can also include the addition of a tamper-evident sealed neck membrane and capping before inspection and packaging.

Laminate tubes typically feature multiple layers, combining the integrity of aluminum with the shelf appeal of plastic. These layers provide protective barriers to maintain product quality, including high gloss protective lacquer, resistant barriers for compatibility, and foil laminates for light, air, and moisture protection.

There are two main types of laminate tubes:
Foil Laminates: These provide a barrier against light, air, and moisture while offering the appearance of plastic. They also reduce aroma absorption and are available in silver, white, and custom colors.
All Plastic Laminates (APL): APL tubes are high barrier and chemical-resistant. They provide the feel of a mono-layer plastic tube while maintaining barrier qualities. A special EVOH layer enhances cosmetic appeal, and they are available in opaque and transparent options.

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