Using Laminated Tube Packaging In The Pharma & Healthcare Industries

Using Laminated Tube Packaging In The Pharma & Healthcare Industries 31-10-2023

Laminated tubes are the best suitable packaging solution for various pharma and healthcare products, due to their great barrier properties, sturdy exterior material, non-toxic, and non-reactive aluminum material, and ability to protect and safeguard the contents of the tube packaging effectively from any external elements such as moisture, air, dust, humidity, contaminants.

They also provide a great medium for pharmaceutical companies to display and showcase their products and brand to their customers, that can display the ingredients, composition, and other valid information that needs to be displayed on the exterior of the laminated pharma & healthcare tube packaging.

Characteristics of laminated tube packaging used in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors

Laminated tube packaging can be widely applied for use in packaging various potent and sensitive pharma products that are used for topical, oral, and medical use, across applications. Packaging that has many laminated layers have unique barrier properties that make it a great option for packaging a wide variety of products with varying needs and applications. The characteristics of laminated tube packaging help protect, preserve, and present pharmaceutical and healthcare products.

Laminated tubes are constructed with multiple layers of materials, often including aluminum and plastic tube materials, which provide exceptional barrier properties. These barrier layers protect the contents from external factors like light, moisture, oxygen, and contaminants. These qualities and properties are highly important for pharmaceuticals and healthcare products, as they are often sensitive to environmental factors that can degrade their quality or efficacy, or lead to damage or spoilage more easily.

Pharma & healthcare tube packaging is usually available in opaque and transparent varieties to package different products that can be used for packaging creams, ointments, and lotions that may contain medicinal products, or cosmetic value.

Laminated tubes are highly flexible and can be squeezed easily to dispense the medicated product, in desired quantities. This allows for ease of use, and flexibility to dispose of different formats of the medical products that have varying formulations, structures, and consistencies, like gels may have different consistency than lotions and creams. 

All laminated tubes are equipped with airtight seals and tamper-proof caps and closures, that help protect the tube contents from external environmental conditions and avoid spillage. These seals ensure the integrity of the product and prevent contamination or manipulation during storage or transport.

The size, shape, and design of the DMF grade laminate tube packaging are customizable, and this allows pharmaceutical and healthcare companies to create packaging that matches their brand identity, specific uses, and customization criteria for their unique products. With customization, you can include product information, dosage instructions, and proper branding elements to improve the user experience.

One of the advantages of using laminated tubes is that they are lightweight in nature, which makes them easy to transport, in turn reducing shipping costs, which is very important in the healthcare industry, as the portability can help the products with ease of efficient packaging, storage, and transport.

Laminated tubes can be easily customized by using printed packaging using the brand’s colors, formats, and other details, making them a customizable option for pharma & healthcare tube packaging.

The tamper-proof material of the laminated tubes, provide high levels of security against any cracks, cuts, and splits on the tubes, if folded or damaged, thus safeguarding the contents of the tube against external environmetal elements.

When it comes to pharmaceutical and healthcare products, there are numerous regulatory compliances that need to be followed diligently, thus making laminated tubes ideal for packaging them as they are compliant to various regulatory bodies.

5 tips to choose the best suitable laminated tubes manufacturer for your product

  1. When selecting a manufacturer, it is important to consider their history of supplying pharmaceutical and healthcare clients with laminated tubes. A manufacturer with a track record of supplying reliable customers with laminated tubes will be more likely to satisfy your requirements.
  2. Ensure that the manufacturer adheres to strict quality control procedures and adheres to applicable industry standards, as pharmaceuticals and healthcare products are subject to stringent packaging regulations.
  3. It is essential to evaluate the manufacturer's capacity to provide tailored solutions to meet the specific packaging needs of pharmaceutical and healthcare products, including customized tube design in terms of shape, size,  colors, and printing options.
  4. Choose a manufacturer that is constantly innovating and developing new packaging solutions in terms of packaging tubes, caps, nozzles, and many other techniques that are prevalent in this industry. You can check the manufacturer’s technical knowledge regarding the tube’s barrier properties, printing techniques, and other unique features such as tamper-resistance, closure or dispensing capabilities.
  5. Check out what the manufacturer can do to make sure you get your orders on time and in the right quantities. Check how long it may take to get your orders delivered and other challenges with the supply chain.

Pharma & healthcare tube packaging laminated tubes offers a range of features that make it an ideal and practical option for pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. These features offer many advantages and benefits such as protection, customization, sustainability, and compliance, making them an ideal choice for the packaging of a broad range of medical products.

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