Benefits, Uses, and Applications of Oral Care Tube Laminates

Benefits, Uses, and Applications of Oral Care Tube Laminates 28-03-2024

While packaging, storing, and transporting healthcare products, it is essential to make sure that the product is safeguarded by using the best suitable packaging materials like laminated materials, aluminum, and plastic. But, when it comes to protecting, safeguarding, and preserving the potency of oral care products, oral care tube laminates are the best suitable packaging materials that help protect the contents from any damage due to environmental factors, dust, heat, humidity, physical damage, moisture, and contamination.


These laminates are made up of multiple layers, and each layer serves a different purpose, from protecting against the elements to providing a suitable layer for branding. Oral care tube laminates have become a popular choice for a wide range of products, in the oral care industry due to their numerous benefits.


Benefits and uses of oral care tube laminates


There are numerous benefits of using oral care tube laminates for packaging various oral care and pharmaceutical products, as they efficiently protect the contents of the tube from external detrimental factors, helps enhance their shelf life, and retain their potency and effectiveness throughout. Some of the benefits are listed below.


Excellent barrier properties: Laminated tubes generally have very high barrier properties, which means that they can help protect the products from damage, contamination, and environmental factors such as light, oxygen, and moisture. It maintains the strength, freshness, and effectiveness of oral care.


Highly durable and flexible: Since oral care tube laminates are made with efficient laminated materials like a combination of plastic and aluminum, they provide high durability and flexibility to the oral care tube design. They can withstand the wear and tear, squeezing, pressure, and travel stress to maintain their shape and form, and prevent leakage even after repeated use.


Lightweight and portable nature: It is lighter than other packaging materials such as glass or metal packaging, which means it is easy to package, ship, and store the product for longer durations which also creates less of an environmental impact. It is also easy to transport and portable so consumers can use the oral care tubes, on the go.


Provides controlled dispensing: Oral care tube laminates provide the benefit of controlled dispensing of the product, which is specifically useful when using medicated oral products, such as toothpaste, cream, or lotions. This leads to less wastage, and delivering optimum dosages to patients.


Ability to customize packaging and the aesthetics: The exterior layer of the oral laminated tubes provides a way to customize the aesthetics and the packaging of the tube according to the needs of the brand. You can also choose a variety of caps and closures to use for your laminated tubes. You can also choose a variety of styles and finishes like glossy, matte, metallic, etc.


Non-toxic and inert nature: The laminated tubes are non-toxic and safe for use with medical or oral products. They are also inert and do not react with the contents of the tube to form any unnecessary chemical reactions or alterations in the product.


Sustainable packaging option: Though oral care tubes are usually one-time-use items, these laminated tubes are made out of sustainable and eco-friendly materials to make sure they do not end up in landfills, and damage the surrounding environment.


Follow all regulations and compliances: The oral care tube laminates are USFDA/EU standards, DMF registered, 21 CFR 175.300 compliant, to provide high value and protection to the contents of the tube and premium quality products to consumers.


The uses of oral care tube laminates are found in many forms, such as toothpaste, medicinal oral creams and ointments, gels, mouthwashes, rinses, dental creams, sensitive teeth products, products for specific needs such as fluoride, whitening, herbal, cosmetics, personal care products, and serums.


How do tube laminates affect the shelf life of oral care products?


Because tube laminates maintain the integrity and freshness of the product, they have a major impact on how long oral care products last on the market. The laminated tubes offer excellent barrier protection that helps shield the contents of the tube from external factors including air, moisture, and pollutants that might harm the content’s quality. Because laminated tubes have high barrier qualities, oral care products have a longer shelf life and stay powerful and effective throughout their shelf life that they are designed to do

In addition, laminated tubes have efficient seals that are tamper-resistant and airtight, and help to maintain the product’s quality and prevent any contamination, enhancing their shelf life. The laminated tubes industry is expected to contribute significantly to the oral care market, emphasizing the importance of improving the shelf life of oral care products when reaching the global consumer audience.

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