Semi-Solid Packaging for Pharma Tube

Semi-Solid Packaging for Pharma Tube 05-12-2019

Sorbead India is a stock point of Montebello Packaging in whole Asia and we offer US FDA approved Aluminum and Laminated Tubes. Collapsible Aluminum tubes are very demanding for their application in Pharmaceutical Packaging.

It is a type III packaging material. Collapsible tubes are manufactured from 99.7% pure Alumina. Aluminum being worlds #1 recyclable material, they have a positive impact on the environment. The Aluminum tubes can be easily recycled once the customer is done by the usage.

To fulfill customer's need for effective packaging, Aluminum tubes are available in Varied sizes, vibrant colors and number of Closures. Aluminum Tubes are often lacquered. This helps in 100% protection of the product. The Lacquer used is also USFDA approved and is safe enough to have direct contact with the drug composition.

Advantages of Aluminum Collapsible Tubes:-

  • Varied dia tubes – Starting from Minimum 12.7mm
  • No suck back tendency.
  • 100% Customized Product
  • Being USFDA approved safe for the product.

The Laminated Tubes available is a unique combination of polyethylene & aluminum foil. It is designed in such a manner that it gives feel like plastic. Yes, these are also US FDA approved. They are commonly used for packing Ointments / Cosmetics, etc.  The tubes being a customized product any day, Length and cap style can be made as per Client’s requirement.

This tube acts as a strong barrier and protects the product against adverse environmental effects.

Advantages of Laminated Tubes:-

  • Elegant in look and very flexible for printing.
  •  Due to suck back tendency the excess drug was withdrawn can be sucked back in the tube.
  • Very attractive and give feel like plastic.
  • Barrier properties are similar to Metal.
  • Light Weight.
  • Varied Cap Styles.
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