Pharmaceutical Aluminium Collapsible Tubes

Sorbead India is proud to present to you its high-quality DMF grade collapsible aluminum tube offering produced in partnership with Montebello packaging. These tubes are custom designed as per your needs and are available in various diameters, lengths, and printing to pack semi-solid packaging materials like creams, lotions, gels, jellies, ointments, etc.

Sorbead India is the Manufacturer of Pharmaceutical aluminium collapsible tubes in India. DMF grade collapsible aluminum tubes are produced in partnership with Montebello packaging.

The tubes are produced from aluminum slugs of 99.7% pure alloy. Not only this but our protective coatings inside the tubes namely epoxy phenolic lacquers provide good physical, chemical and biological resistance all of which are DMF grade and food grade complying with 21 CFR 175.300 and any applicable food contact notification. To help you seal your tubes better we also provide crimp sealants which are good quality, DMF grade and 21 CFR 175.300 compliant.

All the components used to manufacture the tubes are DMF grade and FDA approved with proper documentation backing for TSE/BSE, extractable and leachables, food grade, heavy metals, etc. Aluminum tubes are printed using high-speed offset printing and designed using various colors up to 5 color capability.

Base tube finishes include pearlized silver or white, solid white, clear or tinted finishes allowing the metallic finish to show. Our digital plate making and advanced graphics artwork separation techniques also allow more complicated graphics to be printed than in the past. We can produce even screen shades, smooth vignettes, small text & graphics, and realistic photographic reproductions.

Advantages of Collapsible Aluminum Tubes

  • There are many reasons for which aluminum tubes are more preferred than any other metal. It is so because of its property of ductility that it can be easily molded and shaped. We use the best possible technique to make these tubes; it is not only accurate as per the requirements but also of the best possible quality
  • The risk of pollution of the portion remaining in the tube is minimal because the tube does not “suck back”.
  • It is light in weight and strong.
DMF grade and FDA approved Pharmaceutical collapsible aluminum tubes by Sorbead India
  • The aluminum metal tube permits controlled amounts to be released easily, with good re-closure and passable environmental protection to the product.
  • An important feature is that the internal coat or lacquer of aluminum tubes is non-reactive. Hence many compounds or products can be filled inside these tubes without any damage to the product.
  • Unlimited graphics increase shelf impact


  • The Product to be packed
  • Capacity, i.e. the quantity of product to be packed
  • The diameter of the tube.
  • Length of the tube
  • Opening: whether Blind or sealed.


  • Tamper resistant features and options
  • Internal coatings and liners
  • Cap choices and custom design.
  • Crimp sealants
  • Cap resins

Collapsible Aluminum Tubes Orifice Size

  • EYE

    eye collapsible aluminium tubes for pharmaceutical packaging

    Aluminium collapsible tubes manufacturer in India
  • 12 Round

    High quality pharmaceutical aluminum tubes In India
  • 16 Round

    Manufacturer of collapsible aluminum tubes
  • 20 Round

    Extractable, leachables, food grade Aluminium tubes for pharmaceutical.
  • 28 Round

    Pharmaceutical aluminum tubes in india