Uses and Applications of Caps and Closures

Caps and Closures are an important segment of the packaging industry. They are known for their aid in protecting and extending the Shelf-life of end products. They can be used in many ways to enhance the durability of various components and products. The major raw materials used in the manufacturing of caps and closures are Plastic and metal.

A Cap or Closure is an essential element in the overall package functionality and aesthetics. Today Caps and Closures play a much vital role in Packaging than just mere looks. Closures take on many forms. Although the look of a closure varies from product to product, its purpose does not.

Today consumers expect that the caps and closures must not only be easy to use, provide proper protection but at the same time must look elegant. It draws a consumer in by adhering to brand image and appealing to a customer’s sense of style.

Caps and Closures can be used in a variety of applications like in a Beverage Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Cosmetic industry, household, construction, etc. as they are available in many designs and sizes and are capable of providing an airtight seal.

We take immense pleasure in offering caps and closures produced by Montebello Packaging who have experience in closure making from the past 30 years. They manufacture a variety of closures for both aluminum and laminate tubes. Closures are available in low and high-density polyethylene and polypropylene. They also use resin combinations to get higher quality and productivity.