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Aluminium Tube Caps and Closures in Pharmaceutical Packaging

Caps or Closure are one more important part of laminated and aluminum tubes, Adsorbtek Solutions is also dealing with different types of closure/caps available for laminate as well as aluminum tubes depending upon the use of the product and the area of application.

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Pharmaceutical caps and closures give an aesthetic feel to this aluminum and laminated tubes. Caps give more safety to the products packed in these tubes. These caps and closures are available in various colors, styles, thread shapes and sizes. All these caps and closures are made available by using best quality resins and color-imparting pallets rendering them in compliance with USFDA, EU and 21 CFR(regulation number). The ingredients used for these caps and Closure are DMF registered.

Some types of closure/ caps available for laminate as well as aluminum tubes depending upon the use of the product and the area of application

child resistant caps and closure in pharmaceutical packaging.

Child Resistant

Flip top cap and closure in pharmaceutical packaging.

Flip top

Manufacturer of pharmaceutical Fez caps and closures.


Pharmaceutical Aluminium tube cap and closures manufacturer.




Pharmaceutical caps and closure for lami and aluminium tube.

Snip tip

Manufacturer of Ribbed standup caps and closures.

Pedestal Ribbed Wall

Smooth standup cap and closures in pharmaceutical packaging.

Fez PT

Frequently Asked Question

Custom caps and closures offer several advantages, including enhancing brand recognition, safeguarding products, increasing ease of use, ensuring regulatory compliance, and promoting sustainability.

Custom caps and closures allow businesses to create packaging with innovative designs, distinctive shapes, and vibrant colors, making their brand more recognizable. They also contribute to brand consistency and credibility across product lines.

Custom features like flip-top caps enable easy dispensing, while child-resistant caps enhance safety, especially in households with young children. Tamper-evident seals provide peace of mind to consumers.

We offer a variety of cap options, including Flip Top, Mushroom Octagonal, Nasal Laminate, Child Resistant, Fez, Fez PT, RTPT, Standard Ophthalmic, Pedestal Smooth Wall, and Pedestal Ribbed Wall caps.

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