Advantages of Aluminum Tubes in Packaging

Aluminum offers optimal protection by offering an impermeable metal barrier to light, UV rays, water vapor, oxygen, and micro-organisms. When used in packaging sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals Aluminium is hygienic, non-toxic and non-tainting. The aluminum barrier also plays a vital role in keeping the contents fresh and protecting them from external influences, thereby guaranteeing a long shelf-life. The popularity regarding this metal inside the packaging market is principal as a result of metal’s natural resistance to corrosion.

Aluminum tubes for ointment packaging are manufactured using high-quality aluminum metal. The internal coat of collapsible aluminum tubes is non-reactive as it is coated with a DMF Grade Lacquer which is why they are used across the world for a number of purposes.

Key Features:-

• Due to lacquer coating in the inner walls, the drug interaction with bear metal is NIL.
• Infinite Closure options.
• 100% Customized product.
• No suck back tendency, so the risk of contamination is minimal.
• 100% recyclable.
• Tamper proof.
• Collapsible.

Aluminum is one of the purest metal, which is abundantly found across the globe. Moreover, it is cost-effective and offers several benefits to the users. It is made from 99.7% pure Aluminum slugs.

Our Company is a stock point for Montebello packaging and is the only authorized Supplier for DMF grade Pharmaceuticals Tubes in the whole of Asia. The tubes being US FDA approved are widely accepted for Regulated markets.

Technical assistance with regards to Tubes is always provided to the Clients which helps them in Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA) filling.