Sorbead India offers aluminum tubes and laminated tubes for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food packaging industries from 60 yr old Company, Montebello Packaging, Canada. These tubes are DMF registered. Montebello Packaging is specialized in manufacturing of aluminum tubes and laminated tubes in various sizes using advanced technology and high-quality raw materials rendering them in compliance with USFDA/EU standards. Our tubes are easy for manufacturers to enter American/European markets as they are FDA Approved.

These customized aluminum tubes / customized laminated tubes are used for packaging of all semi-solid preparations like Creams, Lotions, Gels, Cosmetics, ointment, jellies, etc.

Sorbead India is proud to be associated with Montebello Packaging since 1995.We are the sole distribution partners of Montebello packaging supplying Aluminium, Laminate tubes and caps and closures across Asia.

About Us

Who We Are

Sorbead India takes vanity in being the sole Asian distribution partner and stock point since more than the past decade, of a reputed Canadian tube manufacturing company “Montebello Packaging.”

Our Products

Pharmaceutical Packaging Tubes Type

Aluminium Tubes


These aluminum tubes are produced with 97% pure aluminum slugs. These tubes are available in all different sizes. They permit controlled amounts to be dispensed easily and have NO SUCK BACK property.

Laminated Tubes


These laminated tubes are made by advanced technology to combine the physical integrity of aluminum with the appealing look and feel of plastic resulting in a tough, Long lasting tube that resists surface flows.

Caps & Closures


We offer caps and closures in all ranges of types and sizes as per the application and depending upon the tube dimensions. We offer customized caps and closure along with our aluminum tubes or laminated tubes as per your requirements.

Industries we serve

Pharmaceutical Packaging


Nutraceutical Packaging

Cosmetics Packaging

Quality Policy

Quality is the product we deliver. Our motto is to deliver tubes of the highest quality.

Quality Objectives

  • Sorbead India Is proud to have Collaborated with Montebello Packaging that has the design expertise and production know – how to get the job done and done right – and right on time.
  • We pledge to make this association more fruitful by striking the right balance between our client’s needs and Montebello Packaging’s commitment.