Aluminium Tubes for Pharmaceutical Packaging Revolutionized the Packaging Industry

Aluminium Tubes for Pharmaceutical Packaging Revolutionized the Packaging Industry 20-07-2022

Aluminium tubes are vastly used in the pharmaceutical industry. The aluminium tubes are reliable and protective. These are manufactured in a manner to protect the contents inside. The aluminium tube's content is protected from light, air and water. These tubes are used to pack creams, gels, ointments, personal lubricants, and other semi-solids. The Aluminum Tubes can hold volumes of 2ml up to 250ml. The nozzles are colour-matched and tamper-resistant. 

There are no blockings between the tubes. The heat sealing prevents leakages. The tubes are cylindrical and are of custom-made designs. The Caps or Closure can be chosen from a variety of choices. The tubes are non-toxic and very safe. It has outstanding sealing property and is also unbreakable and lightweight. Another important aspect is that these tubes are recyclable, making them the best environmentally friendly packaging material.

The modern technology used to fill the contents makes it very easy to squeeze them out with only two fingers. Using aluminium tubes keeps the content and the surrounding atmosphere separate. These tubes are particularly appropriate for the packaging of highly perishable contents. Hence they are used in packing cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, and technical products. In the pharmaceutical industry, aluminium tubes pack materials like creams and ointments. These aluminium tubes match stringent pharmaceutical standards, including packing ophthalmic ointments. Another use of aluminium tubes is in the cosmetic industry, which fills corrosive hair dyes. If they are internally lined with the appropriate lacquer, aluminium tubes serve as stable corrosion-free packaging. Inflexible aluminium tubes can be used to pack tablets, caplets, aerosol sprays and marker pens. The pharmaceutical industry uses typically rigid aluminium tubes and cans to pack effervescent tablets that are very sensitive to moisture. 


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