Packaging Solutions with Laminated Tubes

Nowadays laminated tubes are the most popular solution for the packaging of any semi- liquid items. This technique is not only limited to a country in fact it is used across the globe in various sectors. The best example we can state is the products for oral care like tooth paste. Apart from this many other companies use this packaging solution like cosmetics, pharmaceutical companies and many other industries. But among all oral products occupy 70% of the market for laminated tubes packaging. The reason that it is so diversely used is because of its cost effectiveness. There are many companies who produce laminated tubes in bulk and supply it to the various industries. We can say it is good not only because the products can be safely packed in it but it also gives the product a competitive edge in the market. With the strong laminated cover, makes it highly durable and hence can be conveniently used for packaging of various products.

Before a laminated tube product comes to our hand it has to pass through various processes. It is done in four phases and to begin with, the brown film is shaped out of the sheet. The extracted sheet then goes for lamination slitting and printing. Once the previous steps are completed successfully the laminated tubes are ready for tubing. After the product is stuffed into the tube, the final stage is shouldering. Whenever you are placing order for these laminated tubes, always keep in mind the purpose. Never go for fragile and delicate tubes. Always choose thick wall tube. This makes it more durable, accurate and leak proof.

Some of the additional features of these tubes are that the tubes have the property of aluminum while it looks and feels like it is plastic. It is an all new generation of products storage where the best modern technology is used for its production making it the most aesthetic and very reasonable way to store semi liquid products. It also provides enough space where the graphics and brand details can be easily classified. There are many advantages of using these laminated tubes like its laminated material prevents any direct contact of light, air and moisture with the product. The best thing is that it is non-sticky and act as a protective barrier. It is resistant and can hence reduce the chance of atmospheric reaction of the product and hence the fragrance, color and flavor of the product can be retained.