Pharmaceutical Packaging Tubes For Active And Smart Packaging

Pharmaceutical Packaging Tubes For Active And Smart Packaging 30-10-2023

When it comes to packaging, storing, and transporting potent, effective pharmaceutical products such as creams and lotions, it is best to use active and smart packaging for such applications as they are highly effective packaging solutions that can retain the active ingredients found in these pharma products. This is important to make sure that the ingredients stay active for longer periods of time even when used after a gap.

The popularity of these efficient pharmaceutical packing tubes such as aluminum tubes, laminated tubes, and many other plastic varieties has grown as a result of their adaptability, usefulness, and simplicity. These tubes are very useful for safeguarding different pharmaceutical goods because they offer protective barriers against outer elements like temperature, moisture, humidity, air, dust, and heat. They are also very convenient for dispensing the product in specific amounts, and follow all the necessary regulatory compliances provided by the authorities.

Packaging tubes for pharmaceuticals that implement active and smart packaging are used to protect and transport medications, so they stay effective for longer durations until their expiration dates. They are available in various shapes, sizes, and materials and can be custom-made to suit the needs of each individual pharma product that you want to package or store. Packaging tubes are highly sterile in nature, leakproof and do not spill easily due to their high durability, and long-lasting to ensure medications reach the patient safely and in their highest potency and effectiveness.

Features and properties of aluminum and laminated pharmaceutical packaging tubes

When it comes to pharmaceutical packaging that needs to be precise, leakproof, sturdy structured, and durable, there are two main choices that are widely used in the pharmaceutical sector, that are, aluminum tubes or laminated tubes. Each type has special qualities and properties that can be applied to meet the particular requirements of your pharmaceutical items.

Aluminum tubes

Aluminum tubes are one of the most sought-after options when it comes to pharmaceutical packaging solutions for active and smart packaging of various products including medicinal lotions and creams that provide a superior barrier structure against any external environmental factors such as light, heat, moisture, water, vapor, humidity, and gases, thereby preserving their potency and prolonging their shelf life to longer periods of time.

Because aluminum tubes are lightweight in nature and easy to transport, use, and dispense, they are convenient for both the manufacturers and consumers, as they are useful for patients who frequently need to carry their medications with them wherever they go.

Aluminum material is very flexible in nature, thus making it easy to package the product. It can be cut and molded into different tube sizes and forms, making it suitable for packaging a wide range of pharmaceutical products of different packaging sizes.

It is also a tamper-proof material that is affordable and sustainable choice when compared to other packaging options for pharma products. The tubes are sturdy and do not get tampered or punctured easily, thus can safeguard the contents of the tube effectively for longer durations.

Laminated tubes

Mostly laminated tubes are made up of layers made up of different materials, like aluminum, plastic, etc. This means you can use different materials, solely or in combination to make sure your product meets your industrial needs. This also brings in a factor of durability and sturdiness in the tubes, that last longer than any traditional packaging tubes.

Laminated tubes provide better barrier protection, by protecting the pharmaceutical product it encases from many different external elements like oxygen, moisture, heat, vapor, water, and light. This helps keep the pharma product stable and effective for a long time and does not damage its efficiency and potency.

Manufacturers can also design and print their packaging as per their needs on the laminated tubes, giving them the advantage of branding accordingly. Their sturdy structure promises no damage to the product or outer layer, thus making it a great choice to package the pharma products like medicinal creams and medicinal lotions.

Laminated tubes are easy to close as they provide an airtight seal and prevent any leakage or contamination to the contents of the tubes. This is important as medicinal tubes need to protect the contents from all the external elements that may cause damage to the medicinal product. The tubes also allow for easy and accurate dispensing of the medicinal cream or lotion, increasing user comfort and efficiency.

Regulations for aluminum and laminated pharmaceutical packaging tubes

The materials used in pharmaceutical active and smart packaging tubes must be non-toxic and inert in nature so that they must not interact with the drugs formulations or product content in any way that could affect its safety or efficacy.

Manufacturing active and smart pharmaceutical packaging tubes needs to be done in a hygienic and safe environmen, so the manufacturing equipment and processes need to be checked to make sure the tubes meet all the neccessary regulations.

Pharma packaging tubes need to be checked and tested for many factors to make sure they meet all the rules and regulations. This includes making sure they're sterilized, made and checked to be leak-proof, and can handle any kind of tamper.

Choosing the right pharmaceutical packaging tubes for your product

The kind of tube you require depends on the kind of product that you are packaging. For instance, you will need a tube that offers great barrier protection against moisture if you are packaging a cream or ointment.

The type of tube required will also depend on the dimensions and weight of the product. For instance, if a large or bulky product is being packaged, a robust and long-lasting tube is required.

Another factor to consider when choosing the best suitable active and smart pharmaceutical packaging tubes is your target market. For instance, if you’re selling to pediatric patients, you have to choose a tube that’s easy for kids to use and handle.

The cost of pharmaceutical packaging tubes can vary widely, thus make sure you have a budget so you can find the right tube for your budget and what you need.

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