Pharmaceutical And Medical Grade

Pharmaceutical And Medical Grade

At Pharmaceutical Tubes, we are specialize in pharmaceutical- and medical-grade packaging solutions for topical creams, ointments, gels and lotions - setting an industry standard in quality and safety. Our aluminum squeeze tubes and laminate squeeze tubes are among the leading choices when it comes to topical packaging needs.

Unrivalled Barrier Properties:

Our tubes boast exceptional barrier properties that form an impenetrable shield against external contaminants. We prioritize hygiene and safety in accordance with pharmaceutical industry standards, adhering to their stringent requirements during production and finishing process to guarantee each tube meets them exactly.

Preserve Product Integrity

: Our tubes are airtight, keeping active pharmaceutical ingredients from evaporating while simultaneously protecting galenic properties of medicines. When you order from, you can be certain that your products will maintain their efficacy from production through to end user use.

Eliminating Allergenic Preservatives:

We understand the concerns regarding allergenic preservatives found in pharmaceutical products, which is why our aluminum and laminate tubes offer preservative-free packaging solutions to reduce risks to consumers while simultaneously creating safer and more tolerable products for them.

Durable and Modern:

While pharmaceutical tubes have long been part of our medicine cabinet, our dedication to innovation keeps them relevant in today's marketplace. By harnessing cutting-edge printing technology we ensure your packaging not only complies with regulatory requirements but also stands out.

ever-evolving landscape: has responded quickly and successfully to the increasing need for hygienic packaging solutions - our laminate tubes in particular providing a sanitary yet practical method of packaging antibacterial hand sanitizer gels. We continue to innovate solutions which meet evolving industry needs and strive to offer solutions which fit perfectly into industry requirements.

Applications of Pharmaceutical Tubes

  • Ointments & Balms

    Burn Ointments: Tubes provide an efficient way of packaging burn ointments, making use easier while safeguarding from contamination.
    Pain Reliever Balms: Tubes make an ideal packaging medium for pain relief balms, as users can precisely target affected areas without excessive contact.

  • Medicated Facial Creams

    Aclovate Cream and Vanos Cream are two specialized dermatological creams which can be administered precisely through tubes to target specific skin issues efficiently.

  • Anti-Fungal Creams

    Athlete's Foot Cream: Tubes offer an aseptic packaging solution for anti-fungal creams to keep their integrity intact while limiting any further spread of fungal infections.

  • Acne Creams

    Tube Acne Treatment Creams (TTC): can provide more hygienic application of treatments while decreasing contamination risks and improving treatment efficacy. Medicated Toilet Paper (TP) can help facilitate effective acne care as well.
    Hemorrhoid Creams: Tubes make an ideal packaging option for hemorrhoid creams designed for use with medicated toilet paper, providing easy and mess-free application.

  • Sports Creams

    Muscle Relaxation Creams: Athletes and individuals experiencing muscle soreness rely on tubes for precise application of muscle relaxation creams for targeted relief.

  • First Aid Creams

    Burn and Wound Creams: Aseptic tubes offer aseptic packaging for first aid creams that treat minor burns and wounds in emergency situations, providing convenience.

Advantages of Pharmaceutical Tubes

Hygiene: Tubes provide a hygienic packaging solution, minimizing any chance of contamination. * Precision: Patients have easy control over how much product is dispensed at one time for accurate application.

Longevity: Tubes protect products from air and light exposure, maintaining their effectiveness over time. Convenience: Tubes are portable and user-friendly making them great for on-the-go applications.

Zero Waste Potential: They allow users to squeeze every last drop out for maximum product utilization thereby decreasing wastage.

Branding and Information: Tubes offer ample room for branding and product details that increase customer awareness.

Key Features of Our Pharmaceutical Packaging Laminated Tubes

Durability: Our tubes are built to withstand repeated usage over their lifespan and protect your products effectively.

Soft and Convenient: Squeezable for easy dispensing experience for an effortless user experience.

Plastic or Aluminum Barrier: Choose the material that best protects your product, both providing robust protection. High-Quality Raw Materials: Our high-grade raw materials guarantee the integrity of pharmaceutical products.

Non-Toxic: Our tubes are free from hazardous chemicals, increasing product safety. Non-Allergenic: With preservative-free packaging we reduce allergic reactions. Its Product Preservation: Our tubes keep medications secure until being emptied thus maintaining quality over time.

Versatile Designs: Our tubes feature both stand-up and round tube options to meet various packaging needs, with easy-to-replace caps for quick product access while maintaining freshness. is dedicated to offering innovative pharmaceutical and medical-grade packaging solutions that go above and beyond your expectations. Trust us for quality, safety, and innovation when it comes to pharmaceutical packaging - upgrade today to experience the difference!

Do not settle for less. Choose for all of your pharmaceutical and medical grade tube packaging needs. Get in touch with us to discuss your individual requirements and start receiving the optimal packaging solutions today.

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