The Right Ways to Use the Pharma Tubes

We know the products we use daily, like lotions, toothpaste, ointments, hair products, etc. But have you ever thought about why these products are packed in laminated and some in aluminium tubes? If not, then here you have the answer for it. The laminated and aluminium tubes are specially manufactured for storing the delicate and most aggressive solutions inside them. The tubes are also meant to protect from moisture and UR rays, and other chemical reactions.


The laminated tubes are also known as polyethylene but have an additional coating. This coating can serve two different functions; firstly, these tubes provide the benefit of extra protection for more volatile or irritant ingredient products. Secondly, the laminated layer allows for more complex art, and these tubes are used primarily for toothpaste, sun blocks, and hair products.

The laminated tubes are made with advanced technology to combine the physical integrity of aluminium with the appealing looks and feel of plastic tubes.

Features of laminated tubes:

  • Chemically inert
  • Non-toxic
  • The inside content remains safe for a long time
  • Tubes are soft and easy to squeeze
  • Barriers between the tubes prevent contamination


Not only do the laminated tubes provide better packaging, but there are even aluminium tubes that offer better barrier protection and are collapsible too. These can be used for storing the most aggressive or delicate formulas and are known to be more effective than plastic tubes. Available in various colours for enhancing the aluminium cover. These complement cleansers, active ingredient lotions, and ointments.

Some other sensitive products, like condensed milk, can be protected against UV rays with the help of aluminium tubes. In addition, it also offers protective barriers for flavour and odour. These tubes are produced with 97% pure aluminium and are available in different sizes.

Benefits of Aluminium Tubes: -

  • Light Weight – Reduces transportation handling costs.
  • Customized – Can be manufactured as per the client’s requirement.
  • 0% Suck Back – Unwanted dispensed amount cannot be sucked back, so there is no contamination.
  • Recyclable – 100% recyclable.
  • Hygienic – Odourless & non-absorbent.
  • Dispensing Options – Varied neck options available.
  • Leak Proof – Proper closure ensures no leakage.
  • Closure Options – Numerous caps.

Collapsible/Aluminium Tubes are Used in Various Industries: -

  • Adhesives
  • Pharmaceutical Creams
  • Ointments
  • Food Product Packaging
  • Lubricants
  • Cosmetics
  • Toiletry
  • Veterinary Creams


A range of caps and closures are available, as per applications and depending on the dimensions. These can be customized as per the client’s requirements. They work as a covering on the top of the tubes. The caps and closures are used for closing the tubes to avoid leakage and give more protection to the products. Various caps and closures are available, like the flip top, mushroom, fez, child-resistant, smooth stand-up, snip tip, etc. These are manufactured using raw materials like plastic and metal. 

The caps and closures have become an important segment for the packing industries. They mainly aid in protecting and extending the shelf life of the end products. These can be used in various ways to enhance the durability of various pharma products. 

Today every consumer wants that the caps and closures must not only protect or be easy to use but should also look elegant. It draws the consumer’s attention by displaying the brand image and appealing to a customer’s sense of style. 

Different types of caps and closures:

  • Plastic caps come in various sizes and colours, depending on the application. They are ribbed, plastic brush, dome, smooth, etc.
  • Metal caps: these generally come in silver, black, gold, and white colours in different bottles and jars.
  • Glass Caps: Glass caps are mostly flat-pressed closures with flexible plastic fitments that can help secure various glass jars.
  • Orifice Sifters, Reducers, and Disc Liners: These liners are an add-on to the existing bottle cap, which needs controlling of liquid or powder products from outpouring and, thus, protects various cosmetic products.


The tubes, caps and closures are manufactured for the most curtail elements used for product packing in the cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical industries. Using in the right way generally means using for the correct applications. Not only for attractive looks and different shapes and sizes, but the tubes also act as an effective solution for protecting the content stored inside the tubes.

These tubes, cups and closures are easy to use, soft, squeezable and collapsible. The right way to use a tube and cap can never keep the caps open for a long time; the inside content can get damaged when it comes in contact with air or any other substance. In a few cases, the tubes might get cuts on them. Well, it is sporadic. In this case, air can come in contact and have saviour damage while using them. 

Always keep in mind to choose the correct tubes and closures for your application. Choosing the right one for your application is the most important thing you must do while packing the end-use products.